Gargi Enterprises - Manufacturer of Plastic Moulded Components - Bangalore - India.


We manufacture custom made Injection moulded intricate components and their sub-assemblies and metal pressed accessories, for Electrical, Electronic and Lighting industries.

» Components moulded in PC/ABS Resins
» Optical grade Poly Carbonate Component ultrasonic welded with PC/ABS part


» Component Moulded in Poly Amide

Parts Moulded in UL Grade Thermoset Phenolic Resin

» Connection block and Insulation washers used in electrical Industry
» Terminal Plate and Potting Cases Moulded in Polycarbonate Resin
» S.S.Shaft over moulded with Poly Amide Resin
» Silver rivet on Phosphorus Bronze spring leaf with PBT micro moulded component
» Coil Formers / Bobbins
» Torroid Basers / Potting Cases
» Terminal Board moulded in Poly Amide. Cover moulded in PC/ABS
» Various Components Used for Engineering Applications

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We have adopted DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 system and the same is certified by TUV NORD Certification body.
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