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The main products developed and manufactured by Gargi Enterprises are Coil Formers, Power Inlet Sockets and Insert moulded assemblies like customer designed connectors. We can also develop and manufacture any type of Industrial plastic and metal pressed components as per specification.

FactoryCoil Formers

Coil Formers or Bobbins which are in use today are made of impregnated paper materials, Laminated materials, Compression moulded types in thermosetting materials, or injection moulded types in thermoplastic resins.

Thermoplastic accounts for a large part in the manufacture of bobbins for ferrite cored transformers and small transformer with laminations. The below table gives properties of the material suitable for bobbins [Quote-IS: 11455 (Part1/Sec3)1985].

Typical Bobbin Materials
Sl.No. Temp. Classification Bobbin Materials
1. Class Y (90 0C) Polystyrene E.H
2. Class A (105 0C) Kraft paper, leatheroid, polypropylene, polyacetal, nylon.
3. Class E (120 0C) Paper based laminates, Nylon66
4. Class B (130 0C) Phenolic-bonded asbestor Phenolic & melamine resin bonded glass fabric, laminates, glass filled polycarbonate
5. Class F (155 0C) Epoxy bonded glass fabric laminates, glass filled Nylon6
6. Class H (180 0C) Silicon bonded glass fabric laminates, glass filled Nylon66 & polyamide. Polyethylene terephthalate and polybutylene terephthalate.

ComponentMajor application areas of Coil formers are Inverter transformer, Current transformer, Fly back transformer, Driver transformer, Pulse transformer, Line filter choke, Noise suppressor, Beam deflection systems etc.


Power Inlet Sockets

Three Pin Power inlet sockets of 250V, 10Amps Capacity are available in UL and non UL approved plastic materials. The terminals are made of solid brass, coates with copper flash and tin plated as per our standard (PRDN/WI/11).



We can offer Round or Square tags depending upon the products already developed. The base materials of all the terminals are Phosphorous Bronze, coated with copper flash and tin-plated as per our standard (PRDN/W1/11).

Preferred to Solder :-
Type of Soldering Soldering Temp. Soldering Time
Hand Soldering Max. 200 0C 2-3 seconds
Dip Soldering Max. 410 0C 2 seconds
Wave Soldering Max. 480 0C 2 seconds


  • ComponentAll the bobbins conform to various customer specifications only and are not our own design.
  • Most of the bobbins can be offered in both glass filled Nylon6, Nylon66 and Polyester, both FR & Non FR grades as per UL standard.
  • Specifications subject to change due to continuous development.
  • Terminals are plated for good solderability with copper flash and Tin as per our standard. (PRDN/WI/11).

How to Order:

ComponentNo component is available off the shelf. Requirements may be ordered by an enquiry, followed by our quote. Supplies will be made against a mutually agreed schedule. While enquiring, please quote our part number followed by the component name. OR Component name and Serial No.

Any specific requirement can be developed on the basis of your specifications. A drawing or sample will be required. To develop/quote/minimum lead time required will be 3-6 weeks depending upon the type of the component. We can also manufacture any other plastic engineering components other than coil formers.



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